Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are subject to updates from time to time. By enrolling in, using, or paying for service, you agree to and understand these Terms and Conditions.

1. Personal Information

All customer information provided can and will be used to contact said customer and/or all persons listed for any reason including but not limited to: customer service inquiries, service updates, billing/financial inquiries, information regarding new promotions, or collecting incurred debts.

2. No Guarantees

Service is not available in all areas. Actual speeds will vary and are not guaranteed. Service may be disrupted or unavailable from time to time due to maintenance, emergencies, inclement weather or other factors outside of our control. Should the Service be unavailable, Rocket Marketing, LLC and it’s affiliates cannot be held liable for damages in the event of catastrophic emergencies. Service and the related equipment needed to use the Service may not function in the event of a power failure or disruption, and you may be required to reset or reconfigure your modem or other hardware in order to use the Service thereafter. THE SERVICE MAY BE SUBJECT TO USAGE LIMITS ESTABLISHED BY THE PROVIDER, WHICH ARE NOT CONTROLLED BY US OR ANY PARTNER AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. WE MAY NOT RECEIVE ADVANCE NOTICE OF ANY SUCH CHANGES FROM THE PROVIDER AND IN SUCH CASES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE YOU ADVANCE NOTICE THEREOF. In the event our customers experience service performance issues caused by the provider, we may recommend different equipment or other remedies to resolve such issues. These are recommendations only and based on industry experience and/or provider suggestions. We may charge our customers for such support and maintenance. We do not provide the Service; we provide the equipment and expertise to enable the Service subject to these Terms and Conditions.

3. Fair Access Policy/Data Usage

Speed depends on distance and obstructions, between your home and the transmit tower. FAP Fair Access Policy: The providers make those determinations in accordance to national usage across all the towers. In certain situations, throttling by the provider is possible. Typically, this does not occur until more than 250 GB is utilized in less than a month. Customers that abuse the internet and use more than 600-800 GB run the risk of being shut off and asked to find a new provider. In those situations involving fraud, abuse or excessive usage, we reserve the right to cancel the services at our sole discretion. Abusers are defined as those who are surfing/downloading illegal content or those who purposefully push limits or conduct known illegal activities like torrenting, etc.

4. Hold Harmless Clause

Customer agrees to hold harmless Rocket Marketing, LLC and its affiliates against all claims, liability, damages, costs, and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of or related to these Terms, any and all uses of your account, installation of equipment and use of the Services/equipment. Rocket Marketing, LLC and its affiliates do not assume liabilities associated with any of our customers’ traffic. Should we find any participation in illegal activity, your account/traffic/usage will be provided to authorities.

5. Plan Subscriptions

New customers will be offered a 15-day free trial period upon initial installation. Should said customer choose to cancel their subscription for service, they will be refunded their monthly fee minus a service and equipment lease fee ($45 service and $25 or $35 equipment lease – costs subject to change). Service is offered only on a month-to-month basis, on a 30 day billing cycle. Service is prepaid for the month and will not be prorated or refunded based on interruptions in service (see reference 2. No Guarantees)

6. Service Payments

Monthly service/equipment lease payments are to be obtained via auto-pay via credit / debit card or bank ACH, authorized by the Customer at time of service activation. Payments not made via auto-payment are subject to an administrative fee. All payments made via credit/debit card are subject to a 5% processing fee. Monthly payments are due on or before the monthly anniversary date of starting service (example: Customer starts service on the 11th. Payments will be due the 11th of every month.) Billing due date is subject to change due to the 30-day billing cycle. Should the Customer not make their monthly service/equipment lease payment: A late fee of $15/$7.50 will be incurred three (3) days past due. If monthly service/equipment payment with additional late fee is not paid within seven (7) days of billing due date, services will automatically be terminated.

7. Activations/Cancellations/Refunds

Late fees will be incurred after three (3) days of nonpayment; service termination will occur after seven (7) days of nonpayment. Should services be shut off for any reason (cancellation, nonpayment, etc.), a new activation fee and monthly plan will be required to start services again. No refunds will be given in the event of service termination. Written notice of cancellation is required seven (7) days prior to the monthly billing date. Please send requests to: support@itpromi.com. Upon cancellation of service the Customer will be charged a one time equipment deposit of $399, refundable upon the return of the equipment.

8. Equipment Disclosure

The equipment provided that is necessary to receive the internet services is valued from $1900-$3800. It is not expected that this be paid upfront. As there is no contract for services, we offer two methods of payment to cover the cost of the equipment. Monthly Lease Fees are charged as $25/$35 per month depending on the type of equipment used. This cost is charged monthly while in Customer’s possession, whether equipment is in use or not. The Lifetime Lease is a one time cost of $299/$449 depending on the type of equipment used. This Lifetime Lease can be paid at any time, regardless of the duration of time one has been a customer. There is no refund of Lifetime Lease once paid.

In the event of Equipment Failure/Standard Malfunction/Damage due to acts of God: A like-modeled replacement will be sent; Replacements requiring installation will incur an additional labor charge. Extra costs may incurred in the event of: Customer choosing to change towers/plan carriers and new equipment is required; service reliability requiring a change in equipment; equipment Failure/damage due to malicious intent or misuse. In the event of cancellation, it is the Customer’s responsibility to return the equipment to the leased provider.

9. Monthly Service Payment Buydown

The monthly service payment incurred can be decreased by ‘buying down’ one’s payment. If the Customer would like to reduce their monthly payments, a certain amount paid upfront can decrease their monthly payment as follows: $130 for $10 reduction/$260 for $20 reduction/$390 for $30 reduction (max amount) – Up to $30 savings for the duration of time the Customer retains the service. Customer can apply for one Buydown, up to three Buydowns. Available at any time, regardless of the duration of time one has been a customer. Plan or Tower Carrier changes may void up to $30 savings. No refund of Monthly Buydowns once paid